"A happy and calm mum is the inspiration and foundation of a happy and calm family!" Lauri-Ann


"A happy and calm mum is the inspiration and foundation of a happy and calm family!"  
Lauri-Ann Robertson

{All New} Good Mood, Clean Eating & Holistic Living

Improve your mood; Increase your energy in our 28 day, fully supported, plan!

  • Are you ready to ditch the old habits that don’t serve you anymore?
  • Have you tried “quick fixes” …  that feel like you're punishing yourself?
  • Are you sick and tired of buying book after book, and still feel overwhelmed and miserable about yourself?
  • Would you like more happiness, more energy and a feeling of total balance throughout the day?

I’m Lauri-Ann Robertson, BSc, IBCLC, CHHC, Certified Holistic Women’s Coach, and I am committed to bringing the beauty and joy back to motherhood.  As you reflect back on 2013 and anticipate 2014 with faith and hope, I want to personally invite you to join us in our new 28-Day Good Mood, Clean Eating/ Holistic Living Plan for mothers of all ages. 

There was a time in my life when I took the bait. I bought every health and parenting book out there, watched all the shows, and spent hours on the Internet researching for the “right” way to be me - but we’ll get to that later.

Thankfully, I realized that I was trying so hard to achieve perfection that I missed the point – I missed what I really wanted to give my children – the Inheritance of Joy was missing from my life… so how was I going to offer it to my children? 

What I know for sure, and there is some beautiful science to support this, is that the first step to improving your mood and increasing your energy is eating clean (not dieting) and that is why I am bringing you the {All New} 28-Day Good Mood, Clean Eating/ Holistic Living Plan in 2014.

What’s the Difference Between Clean Eating & Diet?

When you diet, you reduce foods to fats, proteins, carbs, calories, and restrictions. Most of the time, you end up feeling tired and just plain frustrated, right?
Our intention as mothers is to bring Clarity, Calm and Joy for our family health- and that begin with ourselves!
That’s what makes this program so different.
Unlike a diet, this 28-day Good Mood action plan teaches you how to eat foods that nourish your body and how to nourish your spirit.  In our 28-Day Good Mood Clean Eating/ Holistic Living Plan you’ll learn how to improve your mood, increase your energy and meet your health goals over a 28 period.
Make long lasting changes in a supportive environment - instead of opting for the next quick fix.

Clean eating is a movement; a revolution. You’re about to embark on a life-changing experience - because you’re about to ditch the self-punishing mentality forever.

The Good News?

After a collaborating with a whole team of my colleagues from around the world, we have put together this program that brings real results for you plus take the headache out of “What should I eat today”?

 I am not just talking short term or the quick fix results- I mean real, life-changing results.  
Because a happy and calm mum means a happy and calm family!

Results you get when you are supported with: DAILY activities and support, daily recipes and weekly shopping lists  to make your life easy and simple. 

I collaborated with a whole team of healthcare professionals to create this program to be a manual for life – each day you have action steps you can take towards your health goals.

What you’ll get
  • 4 Weekly Makeook Guideswith information each day – making it fun and easy to apply these principles to your life
  • 4 Weekly Recipe Guides –– loaded with 53 good mood recipes (created by a fabulous chef – all gluten free and family friendly)
  • A Superb Blank Meal Planner
  • A Simple to Use Food Diary
  • Shopping Lists for each week
PLUS you'll get these 6 Bonus Information Handouts – because life as a mum can get busy!
  1. 40 Snacks on the Go
  2. Gluten Free Substitutions
  3. How to Go Gluten Free
  4. The 101 on Portions
  5. The 101 on Vegetable Cooking Methods
  6. The 101 on Vegetarian Proteins 


The first e-course begins January 6, 2014.
  • You will not starve.
  • You will not be deprived.
  • You will thrive.
  • No more diets.
  • No more wondering what foods are right for you.
  • No quick fixes here.
On January 6th, 2014 the First Week of Holistic Living 28-Days plan will be delivered straight to your inbox!


Pre-register: €197 (before December 31, 2013)
Regular Price: (after January 1st, 2014) is €247

You don’t have to leave the comfort of your own home for this e-course!